Committee on Food Security

The Committee for World Food Security (CFS) is the United Nations’ forum for reviewing and following up on policies concerning world food security. It also examines issues which affect the world food situation. It was established as a result of the food crisis of the 1970s, upon recommendation from the 1974 World Food Conference.

“Food security exists when all people, at all times, have physical, social and economic access to sufficient safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life. It is estimated that more than a billion people, one in every six human beings, may be suffering from under-nourishment.” (FAO)

The rise in food prices in 2007-08, followed by the financial and economic crisis in 2009, has heightened awareness on poverty and hunger issues around the world. Under these pressures, the CFS was reformed in 2008 to become the most inclusive international and intergovernmental platform for all stakeholders to work together to ensure food security and nutrition for all. The CFS Advisory Group was created to hold permanent seats for civil society, the research community and the private sector. Read more (PDF, 528KB) about the creation of the CFS Advisory Group.

IAFN is currently holding one of the seats on the Advisory Group. The other seat is held by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

IAFN representative to the Advisory Group of the Committee on Food Security:
Katia Sambin
International Pulses Trade and Industries Confederation

IAFN is responsible for coordinating the consultation to the wider private sector and is seeking contributions from business and industry. If you would like to participate in the consultation process, please contact the International Agri-Food Network via our secretariat service: robynne AT emergingag DOT com.

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Key Meetings

Annual meetings: International Agri-Food Network (IAFN) & the Private Sector Mechanism (PSM)
May 12-13 2015 | Rome, Italy
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Open Ended Working Group: Agenda for Action for Addressing Food Insecurity in Protracted Crises
May 18-22 2015 | Rome, Italy
FAO Conference
June 6-12 2015 | Rome, Italy
High Level Forum: Connecting Smallholders to Markets
June 25, 2015 | Rome, Italy
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CFS42: Plenary of the UN Committee on World Food Security
October 12-17 2015 | Rome, Italy
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Key Committee on Food Security (CFS) documents will be circulated. Feel free to send in your thoughts. Draft private sector positions will be prepared based on comments received and technical review. Draft positions will then be circulated to the list serve members for comment/approval.

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